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Bulk Nutrition and Health Raw Materials


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Bulk Nutrition and Health Raw Materials
Sunflower Lecithin is based on liquid sunflower phospholipids. After degreasing, ethanol extraction and other processes, refined yellow or light yellow powder, waxy products. Sunflower seed is a kind of material with high surface activity, has good emulsification performance, and because of its special properties, it is widely used in food and cosmetics applications that require non-allergic sources and non-genetically modified products.
Product Specifications:
Acetone insolubles鈮?5%鈮?5%鈮?5%鈮?5%
Hexane insolubles鈮?.3%鈮?.3%鈮?.3%鈮?.3%
Total residual solvents鈮?.5%鈮?.5%鈮?.5%鈮?.5%
Acid value(mg/g)鈮?0.0鈮?0.0鈮?0.0鈮?0.0
Iodine value80锝?1080锝?1080锝?1080锝?10
Peroxide value鈮?鈮?鈮?鈮?
Heavy metals鈮?0ppm鈮?0ppm鈮?0ppm鈮?0ppm
Mold and Yeast鈮?00cfu/g鈮?00cfu/g鈮?00cfu/g鈮?00cfu/g
Total plate count鈮?000cfu/g鈮?000cfu/g鈮?000cfu/g鈮?000cfu/g
E.colinot detectable/1g
Salmonellanot detectable/1g
Other specifications of sunflower phospholipids will be available upon request.
Scope of application:
Health food emulsifiers, nutritional supplements
Food processing Food additives such as instantproducts, baked foods, dried mixed products
CosmeticsEmulsifier,co-emulsifier, skin softener, moisturizer, moisturizing, anti-aging
Packing Specifications:
Net weight: 10 Kg/box, divided into 1 Kg 脳 10 bags and 5 Kg 脳 2 bags;
The inner packaging adopts double-layer packaging: the inner layer is a medicinal low-density polyethylene bag, and the outer layer is an aluminum foil bag;
The outer packaging adopts double-layer packaging: the inner layer is a foam box with a built-in ice box and the outer layer is a carton;Bulk Nutrition and Health Raw Materials